Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jul 27 2015

Well today we are going to have a super awesome volleyball pday with our zone, so we are short on time for everything.

But can I just tell you guys, I have had an AWESOME week!! I seriously LOVE being a full time missionary, and I have been sooo blessed to be here in Södertälje with Sister Kamauoha at this time. I have never felt as much as now that I am a tool in the Lords hands to work miracles and help people change their lives to find happiness. I feel so blessed. The Lord does miraculous things to us as he refines us, and we learn to open our eyes to how he is doing it to us and those around us.

My favorite part about this week was meeting with Lasse. We have been meeting with him the whole time I have been here, and his baptismal date was for the 25th of July, but a few weeks ago we moved it back one week to be August 1st. Well, Lasse is ready for that date, and we were able to go over the baptismal interview questions a couple times with him, and he had his baptismal interview on Saturday. But one thing we have had a really hard time with while teaching Lasse is helping him recognize the spirit, he was in an accident once, and it messed with his memory, and such, but it also seemed to be holding him back from connecting how he has felt the spirit. Because he would say I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, but "not because of the spirit, it’s just because he read it and he knew." But this week, as we went forward and asked him the baptismal interview questions, he felt and recognized the spirit. It was insanely strong. We were all SO happy. He couldn't stop smiling, and neither could we. It was a very special moment, and I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to teach Lasse. He will be baptized this following Saturday!

Thursday Jul 23 2015 - Okay, and we had workovers in Orebro, which were super fun. I seriously loved it!! :) I was with Sister Bourelle, and we had an awesome day. We were able to do a lot of training with the sisters, and give them suggestions, and teach them new things. Sister Bourelle and I had a good day of street lessons, and met some amazingly prepared people!! seriously, so prepared. 

Sister Bourelle and I
 A giant book ball in örebro
Some guys on the street that were excited to meet us and we taught them for an hour. The guy holding the Book of Mormon is one of them he and his friend came to church on Sunday!

But one of my very favorites would be the last and most unexpected one. We were just finishing up our day by eating some dinner before we met the other sisters and Sister Kam and I would drive back to Södertälje (we borrowed the car from the elders- and it was SUPER fun to drive again :) ah I love it. haha) But anyway, we actually were super led by the Lord to find these people in Subway. Because we didn't just go into Subway first.. nor second.. but the third restaurant that we went in. But as we started ordering, we said something in English to each other, and another customer, (Jan (pronounced with a Y sound.. so Yan)), turned and was like, are you guys from the US? and I was like yeah! We talked a little bit, and then I was like, after I order, we will come and talk. But really shortly into the conversation, we began teaching him. He is about 20 years old, and actually already Christian, but he has felt that his relationship with God has drawn apart, and he doesn't know why. Well.. we had probably the most spiritual lesson of the day, sitting there and teaching him, using a subway napkin rolled up to teach a concept, and he just stared at it and let it sink it. He was so open to the spirit, and the spirit was testifying strongly. We read from the Book of Mormon, and right as we finished the verse, he said, 'that is true. exactly.' He even explained to us how he never comes to this subway, but that God definitely led him here. The lesson was strong, and he decided that he must change, and become better. We explained where the Book of Mormon came from, and he said he would go home and read it. It was amazing!! and let’s just top it off, by... when we were ordering, the lady working asked about our name tags, and we were able to describe it a little bit, but then there were more customers, so I told her I could explain more after she helped them. Well, she ended up being busy, for most of the time we were teaching Jan, but towards the end she came over and asked us. We re-taught her where the Book of Mormon comes from, and taught her and Jan some more together. I don't know if I have ever seen two people so drawn to knowing what it’s all about. We had a prayer all together in the Subway before we left, and set up a time to meet with each of them. To bad, that they live in örebro, so I won't get the opportunity to teach them again, but I am super grateful I had the opportunity that day, and that the Lord led us there. :)

Our week was really good, and I just am so grateful for the spirit! One thing that I have mentioned before, but that I have seen so definitely in the work recently, is while we are exactly obedient we have the spirit, and that is when miracles happen. Before it was so easy to say, when we are exactly obedient, miracles happen and those miracles are baptisms. But guess what, miracles can be in all forms, and just by having the spirit with me so purely and strongly I have learned that that is a miracle in itself. I love the Lord and his work!! :)

Lasse is getting baptized on Saturday! oh and Tor Leif has a baptismal date!! The miracles come in those forms too ;) haha

Thanks for all the love and support and I hope you have a great week :)

Love, Cassie

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