Monday, September 14, 2015

Sep 14 2015

Sorry, I don't have much time this week, I had a lot of pictures to organize. But, life is great. Oh.. TRANSFERS. ah. I was honestly not expecting to leave Södertälje, but it is okay. I will be going to the west coast, to Kungbaka, which I am super excited about. I know there are great members there, plus I will be in a great district of missionaries! I don't know my future companion really at all, but her name is Sister Giles, and she’s from California, and she is pro at like everything. So it will be a lot of fun. I heard she is hilarious. So I am looking forward to all her energy!

Sister Allred was miraculously speaking Spanish, even though she like doesn't really know Spanish... that was insane! how cool. :)

We also taught my favorite human beings here in Södertälje... DANI! He is so fun. He was baptized about a year ago and went less active right after, but he still loves meeting with the missionaries and so forth. We taught him about knowing God and repentance, because he told us the only thing he wants in life is to know God. The spirit was there and.... HE CAME TO CHURCH! I think I was happier seeing him in church than anything. After church he came up to us and told us, 'You two are my favorite sisters.' haha thank you Dani!

We taught this man named Anders. We had planned on inviting him to be baptized, but after practicing we realized that baptism shouldn't be the focus during the lesson. Well we focused on the plan of salvation and in the end he said, 'I know that this is supposed to make me happy. I like that. I am going to keep reading and praying.' That made me so so happy. 

We also taught Rolf. He is my favorite person ever. He is totally going to be baptized on Oct. 17th. He said he believes the church is true! wooo :) I am so grateful to know him, and learn from him every time we meet. I will miss him.

Here is a funny story: We did some service at a ward member's house. We were cleaning her windows. They were wanting to do some fall cleaning before it got too cold. Anyway... This lovely ward member bought some nifty cleaning cloths so that we could just wipe all the windows down and then they sparkled. I highly suggest that people invest in these little inventions. It makes life so much easier. Just wipe and you are done!... Well after 5 minutes of wiping the downstairs windows, we journeyed upstairs to finish the cleaning. The first door we walked into there was something black and red lying on the floor. As we got closer to it, we realized that is was the bottom half of a RABBIT just lying there. The feet, legs, but and liver were sitting on the floor because the house cat couldn't finish his dinner. After a few screams and disgusted faces we started laughing. Erika, the ward member rushed up the stairs and said, 'OH NOT AGAIN!' Apparently the cat eats the bunnies he catches in her study room about every other day. At least it makes life adventurous. Cats are the same in Sweden... absolutely disgusting.

But the best thing of this week, was Saturday... being able to go the TEMPLE!!! I absolutely loved it. It has been 8 whole months since I have had the opportunity to attend a session in the temple, and oh how I missed it. But it was SO AMAZING. I learned so much, and I was so grateful for the spirit that was there.


I feel like this transfer absolutely flew by. I am soooo sad to leave Södertälje because I gave it my all. But I feel so happy that I could give it my all. We had ups and downs along the way, but I can say I have never worked so hard and with so much love. Of course I need to improve in that, but it does feel good. I am happy to feel how much the Lord loves us daily. I depend on Him, I can't do it without Him. I feel so indebted, and I always will. But I am happy. I am at peace. I will miss all these wonderful people!

Here we go to KUNGSBAKA!!! :) west coast.

LOVE YOU ALL!! have a great week :)

Love, Syster Bolton





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