Monday, September 21, 2015

Sep 21 2015

There went another week! A few train rides, and some tears later, I had to say goodbye to my lovely lovely Södertälje friends, but to heal the wounds I got to say hello to some amazing Kungsbacka friends. I will say, it was definitely painful leaving, and my heart will forever miss that place. I truly hope I can go back and visit them.

Monday Sep 14 2015 - We made my last trip to Stockholm! It was a party! haha We met up with the Pences. Had lunch with them at a place called Kaknästornet, which is a super tall tall tower. It was super cool, with a beautiful look out over Stockholm! We had a great time with them! Love those people. It'll be just 3 months before I see them one last time as I hit Stockholm before I get home to the USA. WEIRD. Time flies when you are having fun. Then we went to the center for about 45 minutes and got to see a whole lot of other missionaries and pretty much say good-bye to them... so weird! But it was fun. Also that night we had FHE with all our friends, said goodbye to Mathias, Lasse and Johan. Oh they are the greatest.

Tuesday Sep 15 2015 -  Was a LONG day full of TONS of stuff, it was great fun. We woke up a little earlier, went out and ran our dang 3 MILES!! woo. it was great. :) then met with Dani- he makes our life. haha He is the best. Also met with Rolf, had the most amazing first lesson with this guy named Milad the spirit was SO strong bearing witness of the restoration, met with Johan afterward, and then actually said bye to him. Then met with Enzo and then the Omakas, then had dinner at the Birgerssons. It was full of too many good byes, many good lucks, and just some fun times. The spirit was amazing, and it felt good to give Södertälje my last bit. 

Wednesday Sep 16 2015 - Then I was off! The next morning we left bright and early and put me on a train towards Göteborg, the last stop being Kungsbacka. Well I had a good cry saying goodbye to my sweet Sister Allred, and then headed off. ahh... my heart was put back together as I arrived in Kungsbacka and have met some AMAZING members and people. It will be home soon. But funny story... I arrived at the Göteborg central station at 11:30, figured my companion would be right by my train ready to pick me up... not quite how it worked... after pulling my heavy bags around and around searching for any signs of missionaries, I took a seat, talked to this really cute girl, borrowed her phone, and then taught her about prayer, waited another bit and used her phone again to try and get in contact with my new companion. No answer. :/ she had to leave, and so later after seeking after a pay phone, finally finding it, and it not working, I made a friend with another stranger, and finally got ahold of my old companion Sis. Allred, who gave me other missionaries phone numbers and then they got ahold of Sister Giles. hahaha 2 hours later we found each other. Don't ask me how we never saw each other in that place!!

But we made it! haha and we had a good day! Set some good goals, and expectations, and got to know each other a bit better. She is hilarious. She comes from LA California, she is a genius, and pro at everything. mostly singing. and she is super funny. oh wait, I already said that. but she has a strong desire to work hard and learn a lot, so it will be fun, and it will just be teaching her how to fulfill that desire that she has had in her.

Thursday Sep 17 2015 - We had District meeting, and I got to see some of my FAVORITE missionaries ever. it made me happy. :) it was good. good day, taught some people, and went out with faith! 

Friday Sep 18 2015 - was fun! we met some members and we helped someone with painting their kitchen! It was just a fun day. 

Saturday Sep 19 2015 - Was a good Saturday, best part of it was teaching this investigator the law of chastity! We were super nervous, but she has already been taught 3 times, and they were the first 3 lessons, so we figured we'd take it big to that which she has a problem with.. because she is living with a guy without being married to him, and she actually took the law of chastity REALLY well. Her name is Diana and she is from Venezuela! She is a mother of 2, and soo cute. The spirit was super strong, and she realized that she has to fix it, and that it would be the best for her cute little family as well. So that was bomb! :)

Sunday Sep 20 2015 - Was one of the best sacrament meetings I have been to in a while. The spirit was INSANE. These people here in Kungsbacka are SAINTS. They have had a lot happen in their ward, but those who are still here, and SO STRONG. they are just great great examples to us as missionaries, that even when the waves come we can listen to Christs invitation to 'be still and know that I am.' It was a huge testimony builder to me. God hears and answers our prayers because there were somethings in that meeting that I had been praying for. :) 

Syster Bolton & her new companion Syster Giles 

The Lord is great, and his plans are much bigger than ours. He gives us pain so that we can come closer to Him. That is truly how my relationship grows the biggest every time. I'm grateful for his love and his atonement. The fact that we can repent and change ourselves daily. We aren't perfect, but we are in training. I love the Lord, and I am so happy to be out here doing his work. My heart is just exploding with love for these people, and I am so grateful!! :)

I hope you all have a great week!! Love, Syster Bolton

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