Monday, September 28, 2015

Sep 28 2015

Good news! I have been better at keeping up in my journal, and including more details, ( just a little less to do now that we are not STL's.) but, because of the better journal entries... that probably means less details about the week.. haha sorry, the tiredness of the mission has hit on all ends. Including cooking. (I never thought I would cook so little as I have here.) we've eaten a lot of cereal. haha running is fun, except its dark and FREEZING in the mornings now. :( it’s so sad how fast everything changes. Fall has hit, and the sun is disappearing slowly but surely. Sweden is a great place i så fall. 

So life here in Kungsbacka... there are just about 98% Swedish people, and it’s like the wealthiest city in Sweden. So that is like super opposite from Södertälje, which has like 28% Swedish people and like 62% Syrians, and then the rest are like Africans, and such. haha soo weird how different they are, but I love both cities just the same. I am super blessed to be here in Kungsbacka, it isn't too far from Göteborg, so we go to the YSA center with some of our investigators, etc.

Tuesday Sep 22 2015 - Oh so funny story... our phone battery lives for lie TWO HOURS. Okay that is kind of an exaggeration, but it probably keeps a charge for 4 hours before it dies, and that’s just when we hardly use it. So pretty much, we sent our phone to Stockholm all day Tuesday in hope that the office elders would be able to fix it... they reset our phone as a brand new iPhone, and it helped a little bit... so now it is better, but definitely not great. so our super great friend Elder Sahlin sent over his portable charger that we can use, and pretty much our phone lives off of that! He was a life saver. But I will say, Tuesday all day without a phone was DIFFICULT. I don't know how ya'll did it without technology. haha missionary work is much easier with technology. I feel very blessed.

We were led to some incredible people this week, literally! I just feel super blessed. We worked our tails off, and we have a ton of faith! Our goal is to help six people CHANGE their lives this transfer. Well, we have found a few of them. I feel so happy to be a tool in the Lords hands, and to be able to see these people already start changing!

Wednesday Sep 23 2015 - We had dinner with Mollie and Joel, and they are saints! so much fun. Mollie is American, and an adorable mom, so we are helping her with her Swedish, even though they are active members. :) they feed us food, we speak Swedish only ;) haha good exchange right? ;) They are the best. We also met with a new member that was baptized a year ago, and his name is Jami. He is seriously has an incredible story. he like walked through 3 countries in the mountains, and then had to figure out bus transportation, etc. to get out of Afghanistan. He is seriously amazing. Like, we are so blessed.

Friday Sep 25 2015 - We had zone training, and that was super great, just inspired of what we should focus on, MEMBER work! Plus the Sabbath day! Just truly stressing the importance of these. One thing I really liked is, how out of all our key indicators the most important one is "investigators attending sacrament meeting." because it will make the biggest difference in these people lives if they are coming to church, and giving that time to God! :) Really a good reminder of how important the Sabbath day is for me, and for us as members. Obviously we shouldn't just be going to church every Sunday, but we should be giving that time to the Lord, and really keeping the day Holy.

That night we got invited to the patriarch’s home for dinner, and it was a group of older members there because we ate the one and only..... SURSTRÖMMING. Yes I did it again. Remember last year when I talked about that gross fermented fish... well it was that time of year again. And I actually am going to be super weird.. But when one eats it correctly, it isn't horrible. I kept eating it. But I still ate barely any! But I lived, and I think I could eat it again! It is just the smell that is HORRIBLE.


Saturday Sep 26 2015 - We had an AWESOME day. Seriously so spiritual, and so many prepared people. Plus Camilla (23 YSA, recently returned missionary from temple square mission.) came with us practically all day! We taught Stefan, who is totally going to be baptized, plus Diana the one from Venezuela that we had taught the law of chastity to, and she has a baptismal date! She looooovvvvveeess the gospel!! And then Andre, and Samir. All with Camilla. haha she is the best. And while we were in the car driving away from the baptismal service that we attended in Utby, I helped Camilla with math. It was so much fun. Honestly, I forgot how much I love math. It was simpler math, but I just love it! :) can't wait to do that again.

I ran into Amy at the Utby chapel, she was there for a stake meeting that was being held before the baptismal service! shes doing awesome!
Sunday Sep 27 2015 - Was insane with a lot of people, a lot of lessons, and just a great spirit during sacrament meeting. It is my favorite day of the week. I love love love church, and am so grateful that I can attend weekly, and be strengthened by those around me. This ward is the best. Sooo many incredible examples for my life. I am very grateful for that! :)

Well, I love you all, I love my companion sister Giles, let’s just say... we are hilarious together. We are having a ton of fun. I just don't know how to describe the funniness to you, but it is exploding over here. :) hahah 

I love to laugh.

Love, Syster Bolton

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