Monday, September 7, 2015

Sep 7 2015

Monday Aug 31 2015 - Last P-day was great fun! Actually not anything too crazy, but we did have a great lunch at the Schiazzano's and then we sewed the skirts that you sent to make them smaller. Let me correct that... Sister Allred sewed the skirts since she is pro :) I helped unpick them. haha. But the Schiazzanos are great, and we just love them to pieces.

Tuesday Sep 1 2015 - Was a great fun of crazy pack full of missionary work. Lots of great lessons, member presents on that one, and the spirit was nice. We taught this guy named Thomas and his friend Elias, and it was cool because a few weeks ago we got a text from Thomas that said "My name is Thomas. I am interested to talk about Jesus." So he was positive! He has lots of questions, and he has been feeling like he has been doubting. We used the Book of Mormon to answer all his questions, and a member who speaks Arabic in Norrköping was on the phone to help translate when needed and then he bore strong testimony in Arabic. Because he can speak English, just not perfectly. But we also taught him Sunday night, and he came and he just has a desire to believe, just is having a really hard time. We had planned to teach him the Plan of Salvation, and honestly, it is the most simple I have ever taught it. But we had the pictures, and we just explained how Gods plan is really out of love and is perfect, and when we can understand that, it helps us understand the meaning behind so many things. He felt so comforted, and we watched "the hope of Gods light" Mormon message which was exactly what he needed. He said he will do it! He will read and pray, and truly seek. Ah, it is super cool! :)

Wednesday Sep 2 2015 - We had an awesome zone conference with president and sister Beckstrand. They did a great job, and I loved it. It was focused on becoming a preach my gospel missionary, and honestly just applying everything that we've been learning. But it was kind of funny, because I loved everything that was said, and talked about, and could see how true it was. But I am glad because I didn't feel a huge lack of anything, I didn't feel a huge hole in my missionary work, that I super needed to work on. As I have been here in Södertälje I think some of the biggest things I have learned is really how to balance it, and let them all become your strengths together. And God just gave me my very personal inspiration on little things I can do. I have felt for the past twoish weeks that I just need to spend more time studying the New Testament in my personal study. So I have been doing that. And I also felt so strongly that I need to commit to memory where more scriptures are. But I love it. :) There were other things that also just touched my heart, that help me come closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. And I think really studying out the New Testament is also going to truly help me come closer to Him. Already my testimony has increased on how the Bible and the Book of Mormon and the church today really do teach the same things. All that will bring us closer to Jesus Christ.

Wednesday evening until Thursday evening (Sep 3 2015) we went on exchanges with the sisters in Västerhaninge. It was great fun. I was with Sister Irene, and honestly just had a great time. She is a great missionary, and I was able to I guess show her, that her leaders aren't perfect, and its okay that she isn't perfect, but just help her increase her confidence and love of the work. :) 

Friday Sep 4 2015 -  It was fun to be back with Sister Allred, and honestly, it was such a spiritual day. I can witness to you people, that the Lord guides us! Even in small things. and sadly sometimes we have the choice to choose not to follow. Friday morning we were running out the door to an appt. and I needed to grab an English BoM to put in my back pack. I didn't look, but then I accidentally pulled out an Arabic BOM. I was like, ah shucks, and went to put it down and grab an English. Then the thought came, 'maybe I'll need it.' then I pushed it away, and said ah we will be back after this lesson, and I can grab that one for the rest of the day. So I set it down and grabbed the English one. Well when we got on the bus... there was a man who we've met a few times who wants a BoM in Arabic... and I've never had one with me when we see him! Ah! The Lord put it in my hand, and I set it down. Dang it! Well I learned my lesson...

But continuing with the day... We went and taught Raphaela, the less active that we have been working with weekly as I have been here. She is so cute. I love her. She read the talk we gave her about the atonement, and she understood it a lot better, and then she had some questions, and we were led with very clear answers, that helped her understand it better, and she felt Gods love just as we were talking about it. But then we were able to also listen. She is having a rough time, but she has also been receiving an answer to her prayer, but having a hard time recognizing it. It was neat to be able to listen, and then share experiences of how the Holy Ghost has touched us in that same way. She felt truly happy as we left, because she felt like she had more direction in her life. It is amazing what the gospel can do for somebody.

Later that day we had a few lessons very led on the street. And I can say, God is amazing! Really putting specific people in our path that were willing to listen. I talked to the nicest Jehovah Witness I have ever talked to before. And we actually taught him. It was neat, because I honestly saw how our message entered into his heart, and he truly considered it. Sadly that day, he denied it, but I understand why. (Considering if he would have taken the Book of Mormon he would be considered damned or something.) But one day he will come.... We also taught this father of two adorable little girls on the street, and exchanged numbers and sent him home with a plan of salvation pamphlet. The next day he texted us saying he had read and he has questions! Ah, how cool. The spirit really touched him, and he really considered our message :)

Then we had a great lesson with Mathias. He was baptized in June, and honestly the adversity has been pushing hard against him. He had questions, and he wasn't sure. But we listened, and honestly we were silent the first 20 minutes of the lesson, even though he wasn't talking the whole time. But the spirit was teaching him in those times of silence, and then he would say a little bit more. He realized that he has found that which is right, and that which will help him! It was super spiritual, and we were on our toes during the lesson, but by the end, he really saw how God is right by his side, even when these things are hard. Keep strong in the faith!! :)

Sunday Sep 8 2015 - Church was amazing, and I loved it. I love fast and testimony meeting, and it was a really good one. Oh by the way, next Saturday we will get the opportunity to go to the temple, we are so excited! :) It will be with the Relief Society and it is because I haven't done a session since January. So I am STOKED for that. Ah. I love the temple.

Monday Sep 7 2015 - Today for P-day we went to Stockholm and met up with the sisters in Uppsala, which is Sister Kamauoha and Sister Powell, and that was just stupendous. We had great fun together, and it was good to see our previous companions :) Also... this morning while we were emailing... the coolest thing!! Andreas, someone I met the first week I was here. A solider. Has been deployed in the time I have been here. Sister Kamauoha had taught him twice before he left, then while he has been gone he has been studying the Book of Mormon! Well he luckily walked into the church this morning looking for us! Guess what, he has felt the spirit, he feels the hope of the gospel, and he said he is half way in on the baptism thing. He just wants to read and understand more. haha well that was a miracle. We now have his RIGHT email, and we will have contact. It’s so good. I love being a missionary!

I love you all and I know the gospel is true!

Love, Syster Bolton

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