Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct 19 2015

Last Monday Oct. 12, 2015 we played soccer again, but it was freezing cold! we had a bunch of fun, but i did get kicked right in the ankle by someone wearing cleats .. so that hurt  a little bit, and I have a good little bruise from that. haha but no worries, I walked it off, and it hasn't been a problem. 

I asked for a priesthood blessing that night because I had started on my way to a cold, and couldn't deal with it. Elder Israelsson and Elder Brown our zone leaders gave me a blessing, and it was exactly what I needed. That day and past week I also kind of was feeling down. I was seeing everything I lacked in, and all the short comings I had, which was a little frustrating, and Elder Israelsson I think could see that. so he also made me promise that I would write down everything good that I have done while on my mission... I realized that it actually is a long list. It is a long list for all of us! But it truly helps when we look at that which we have done, and believe fully in the ability to use the atonement to continue adding to that list of good things as we become better! :) so friends, if you are feeling down, don't forget to look at the good that you are doing and you have done!! 

Tuesday Oct. 13, 2015 we had a good day, visited a bunch of people, because we had less proselyting time this week! Met these two African guys on the street, Bishop and Eustadius and taught them the restoration. Also had dinner with Joel and Mollie, - they are FANTASTIC. 

Wednesday Oct. 14, 2015 we went had had a missionary morning with our dear friend Susanna. We ate breakfast with her, then did personal studies, then companionship studies, and then had a lesson with her. It was actually pretty emotional. The spirit was strong, and oh how our hearts ached for Susanna. We are praying for her. We then visited our dear friends Stina and Kenneth, . Stina is a member as of 6 years, and her husband isn't a member. But we had a great time with them, ate lunch and had a good discussion about prayer. and then... we got on a train and headed to Stockholm!!! :) Sisters confferreennnncccceeeee!!! :)

We went on our 3.5 hour train ride, then made our way to stay with the Gubbängen sisters. buttt... the bad part of the story is when we got off the train, we went and bought dinner, and when we were there, we realized we were missing one important detail..... OUR PHONE. Yes, our broken phone. It was still sitting on our train. We booked it back to the train station, but we got there about 20 minutes after our train had arrived... so by then the train had pulled away and was on its way to its next destination. Well... I will say, of all places to leave it. I am SO grateful we left it on an SJ train. because an attendant had picked it up and turned it in to the lost and found. We just had to wait till the next day in anticipation to know if they had it or not. Good news: they did! Even though we were getting a new phone, we needed the sim card out of that phone. The Lord answers prayers.

Stayed the night with Sister Lindsay, Sister Gardner and Sister Crawford: aka my family! haha because Sis. L and Sis. G are my "mission daughters" and Sister Crawford is Sis. Lindsay's mission daughter. Super fun to see all of them.

The conference on Thursday Oct. 15, 2015 was AMAZING. There are so many things I could talk about, but let's just say that they did a GREAT job. The theme was frozen but how we are "chozen" they did 4 different lessons, and called them each: do you want to build a (righteous eternal family), love is an open door, let it go, and we are chozen. I learned so much! Yet, it was a little odd, and not expected to learn about marriage, and choosing the right guy, etc. haha but then again, President and Sister Beckstrands goals are to have us have righteous families 10 years from now, and that is comforting. :) Then let it go was about forgiving. It seemed to mostly be about forgiving ourselves of our shortcomings and mistakes. Then Sister Beckstrand really focused on our calling here, and how we were chosen before we even came to earth to be missionaries here in Sweden! It was SO good. The spirit was really strong, and just uplifting all day.

Cassie's companion's through her mission! 

It was great to see all the sisters in the mission, but the WEIRD thing, is that I actually had to start saying good bye to a lot of them. Not so sure I will see most of them again. Anyone who is in a different zone I won't be seeing again, but it didn't hit me until like the last 5 minutes, so kind of sad, but okay at the same time. We said goodbye and ran out the door with the Västra frölunda sisters: Sister King and Sister Sandberg to catch our train. Then we had another 3.5 hour train ride back to Goteborg. It was sooo goood. :)

Friday Oct. 16, 2015 brought District meeting, and some good lessons, as well as Saturday. We met with Bishop and Eustadius again and they are so cool. The spirit was super strong, and we even taught about temples! Because they already get the basics, and they already understand Christ's role. One thing I really liked that Bishop said as he was talking about God our creator, is he posed the question: "Can a fish move without the water knowing it?" no it can't. God is aware of everything we do, think, feel, and say. He loves us more than we can comprehend. I truly feel that, and am excited to see these two go forward in the gospel. Oh and Eustadius committed to baptism in Nov as he comes to know this is all true, but he felt the spirit testify and he is reading the BOM. We are very excited for him!

Then we had stake conference this weekend, which was GREAT. I was reminded of somethings that I will be able to do regularly when I come home. Like attending the temple weekly!! WOO! I almost forgot that that was possible, since it has been so long. I can't wait to be able to do that again. :) Oh, plus on Sunday I saw other people in the stake... which includes people from Jönköping!! :) woot woot!! It was soo fun to see them. the spirit was strong, and oh how I have learned so much this week. I love the gospel and I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He truly gets it. He knows what I'm experiencing, and he is there to help me through every step of the way.

Thank you for all your love and support. Continue searching the gospel, and look around you to see who needs help. Share the LOVE that God has for each of His children, because it is STRONG! :)
 I love youuuuuuuu

ha det gött!!

med kärlek, Syster Bolton

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