Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 5 2015

This week was a good one! The Lord is working miracles all around us! It was a week full of lots of random revelations that we got. We also were inside a lot because poor sister Giles was sick! But our investigators are doing AWESOME! Our phone also broke Friday night... we sang some songs. And LOVED general conference! 

So to expand a little on those things, I want to talk about our one investigator Jonathan. He is 17 years old, kind of a rocker and gamer, but believes in God. He's had a rough life, but he is loving the gospel. We met with him on Wednesday and talked to him about the plan of salvation, he said he has been praying more, and he closed our lesson in prayer and it was AMAZING. The spirit was so strong!! And he felt it and described it as a shiver down his spine. We are SO excited for him, because his eyes are just opening to all these truths that we are sitting here explaining to him. It truly is that he was searching for the truth, just didn't know where to find it! Well, I feel super blessed to be able to be a voice for the Lord as we teach him the doctrines and principles of the gospel!! :) And to top off the coolness of this... he came with us to general conference Sunday night! We watched it at the young adult center in Gothenburg, and after he got to talk with other YSA's and already clicked with them. Its super cool. I'm way excited for him. He is happy to be able to be finding God! :)

Sister Giles was sick this week, so it kept us inside a lot, so it kind of slowed things down, which felt weird. But it was okay, I am glad to have a healthy week ahead!

Next investigator that I LOVE is Diana. She is the cutest. I need to take a picture with her next time we visit her. But we talked about general conference with her, and watched a talk from last gen. conf. and it was "the music of the gospel" and she absolutely loved it! The spirit was super strong the whole time we taught her, and then when general conference came, she watched two sessions of it! And she is planning on watching them all again in Spanish! She is amazing, but it’s because she is letting the spirit touch her heart, and come into her life, and she is SO ready for the gospel!! :) :)

Other random miracles/happiness:

Met an investigator: Andre, who lives pretty far away, at a restaurant in Kungsbacka, and we had an Arabic BOM for him, so it was amazing to see him there and then be able to give that to him then, rather than waiting until next week! 

The Lord used us to serve some other missionaries who were having a hard time.

We took Susanna (a less active who is coming back.) to the church and we put on a cute little program for her. Starting with a hymn sung by us three, then I gave a talk, but really I just read a talk from last general conference (the music of the gospel.) to her, and sister Giles accompanied my talk on the piano. It was SUPER spiritual, and then Sister Giles gave her testimony, and we ended with another hymn. It was so amazing, and Susanna was really touched by the spirit! It was super special!

And of course ended of the week with the best thing ever; GENERAL CONFERENCE. I absolutely loved it. Saturday morning session was like POWER. wow. We haven't been able to listen to all the sessions yet, but most of them. I am so grateful for the personal answers I have received. I am excited to study each of the talks to get more revelation and direction!

Well I hope you guys all have a good week, and remember to pray, because GOD HEARS YOU. He loves me so much, he loves you so much, and we will not comprehend his love, but we can be filled with it. 

I love being a servant of the Lord! Thank you for all your support and prayers!

Love, Syster Bolton

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