Monday, November 9, 2015

Nov 9 2015

God answers prayers. If there is anything that I know, it is that. God answers our prayers, as we fervently pray with faith and hope. I have been working on improving my personal prayers, with being specific, and having faith in that which I say, and listening for revelation during and after saying them. God is answering me and helping me. I hope you can feel that too. :)

Monday Nov 2 2015 - Last pday we did a lot of resume stuff, and organizing classes stuff. It is coming along. It is just kind of a bummer because there isn't a lot to do here on P-days. :/ Hopefully next week we can go hang out with some members! But Tuesday we did get to go and visit Anna Newell, we served her a bit, and while we did that it was so fun to talk to her. I just think she is the greatest example! Plus she is pregnant and is due in January. It's like Mollie just on the opposite side of Sweden :) haha ps. Mollie Herrey from Kungsbacka had her baby, and he is the cutest thing ever! So Anna is just going to have her baby right after I leave here too! It's kind of lame! But I guess its okay since I can't hold the baby(s) as a missionary any way! haha 

A member pulled out these books when I said I wanted to be an engineer! haha he was an mechanical engineer as well, and it made me super excited to see that again! 

Wednesday Nov 4 2015 - We drove up to Kalix, and visited some less actives. It was really cool to see them again since I worked with them last year! Plus the good news is that they have been coming to church now and then! To add to the traveling for the day, we got on a 5 hour train ride down to Umeå to have zone training! Wow, I can say, I sure didn't miss the forever travel for stuff up here. But it's okay. 

Drive to Kalix - reindeer in road
Train ride to Umeå
Thursday Nov 5 2015 - We stayed the night with the cutest member from Umeås ward, and then had zone training. It was really good! It focused on the Christ like attributes and they tied in the talk "is the church working for you?" and used it as "is your mission working for you?" It was really good :) The spirit was there, and gave me direct answers to what it is I can work on to become a better person. I was grateful for that. :) I think it was exactly what I needed to focus on this transfer!

We had a 5 hour bus ride home from Umeå and what was amazing is that, God sent us someone to teach! One of our investigators (that I had not yet met) got on the bus about an hour and a half away from Luleå, he also happened to sit exactly across from us, because there was an open seat. After Jean Paul sat down was when he saw us and said something to us! So we ended up getting to know him and teaching him for like an hour. It was really cool! And exactly what that investigator (Jean Paul) needed! Then that night we got to visit Asefa!! The one that we baptized last year. He has been a little less active as of recently which makes me really sad. :( But I know he is still believing and being a good person. It was super cool to see him though :)

Friday Nov 6 2015 - We did our studies all morning and then we had just planned to weekly plan. But I felt like I needed out of our apartment for just a few minutes. So we got our stuff and walked out and down to the water and back, but before we left we said a very specific prayer that we would be able to meet someone to teach and help while we are out there just in the few minutes. And guess what! God answers prayers, we met this guy named Torbjörn, and he is really neat. I think it was exactly what he needed as well! The spirit bore testimony of all that we said, and he witnessed that he felt it! I pray that we can meet him again and really teach him more! It is crazy to me how often people feel the spirit as they talk with us, but then they say no to meeting again. Religion is just not a thing here, and so the culture has a huge swaying effect on people. :/ But, I bet we will see him again because he lives really close to us!

Jonny is getting baptized! It was going to be this coming Saturday, but now he is actually going to go down to Stockholm with the YSA's to a YSA activity for next weekend! Then he will come back and be baptized in a week! But we had his baptismal interview and everything. He is so ready to go and so converted! :) We are really happy for him!

Saturday Nov 7 2015 - Was a day full of tracting. okay, every day has a little bit of it in it, but that was most of our plans, and too bad we didn't find anyone. :/ But we are out a ton so we just pray we will be led to meet the right people at the right time.

Oh, hey to all the dads... aka my brothers, grandfathers and most of all my DAD! Happy Father’s Day!! (at least here in Sweden!) haha I think you are so great, and I love you so much. Thank you for everything. :)

Sweden is great! I love these people here! I have been reminded that Luleå is small.. haha so it makes the work slower in a way.. haha just a lot of tracting, and even when we are walking anywhere we don't see very many people to talk to. It means we have to start getting creative! Because all of Luleå has been tracted up and down! haha But I am so happy to be here! The Lord does great things to us :) 

I love you all and am so grateful for you! Have a happy week! and just remember, you have a lot more sun there than we have here, so count your blessings even if its cold ;) haha

Love, Syster Bolton

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