Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov 30 2015

Monday and Tuesday Nov 23-24 2015, Said bye to lots of people. I love them and will miss them. But sheesh, I love Sister Austin, and I am so grateful that I got to be with her! 

We took the ferry and the lake was half way frozen, so it was just breaking through the ice as long as it could! haha It will be closed shortly, and then once the ice is thick enough, they will just open it up as a road across the ice. So legit. Fun stuff.

Said one last goodbye to Anna Newell, the Dahlqvists, Marianne Näslund, and the Muhi's.

Oh funny story, we had made an appointment with an investigator that we needed to drop because she wasn't doing anything. Well it was kind of funny because when we got there, she had made a pie and got us out tea, and stuff, because she wanted to drop us as well... haha she felt really bad.  super sweet lady, just didn't understand the importance of our message. We just thought it was funny because we were going to be breaking the same news to each other.

Wednesday Nov 25 2015 -  We flew down from Luleå (yes we.. Sister Austin came with me so that she could pick up her new companion! haha) and then we met up with the assistants, and the Beckstrands and Koyles. Then we waited for Syster Eriksson to come off the plane! She has been in the England MTC the past two weeks!

With the TRANSFER:

So they put Sister Jackson up in Luleå with Sister Austin! 4 sisters in the apartment here in Södertälje is great! These sisters are rock stars so I am grateful for them :) the apartment isn't the biggest.. haha but we make it work! I have a lot of stuff still packed up, since I knew I wouldn't use it all. The other sisters are Sister Lund and Sister Johanson! I love them! I have been on splits with both of them before, and they are amazing and just fun! We don't have many investigators to teach.. Actually zero. haha my poor greenie. But we have been able to teach a few of their investigators that I have also taught before. So that was fun. :) We also have visited members, and done some service. Then a good amount of contacting. Haven't had time to hit up the tracting yet. We have two hours of companionship studies, so it takes up some extra time! It is soo fun for me though. I love being able to teach her everything I know. Well not everything, but to teach her how to do missionary work is SO FUN! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!! Seriously though. 

Oh something I realized yesterday that I really like... we all call the Plan of Salvation also the Plan of Happiness. But I don't think I've really heard anyone say before, the Work of Salvation as the Work of Happiness! Well friends, that is exactly what it is! I absolutely LOVE being a missionary. I know my time is coming to an end wayyy too fast. I don't want to leave though! I want to continue being a full time missionary here in Sweden, because I have never been so happy than while I have been on my mission!! It is absolutely incredible. :) spread the joyyy.

Syster Eriksson, comes from Kristianstad which is like the very bottom tip of Sweden. So we are pretty far from her family. She hasn't been to Stockholm very much in her life, so now we get to go for P-day! It is BOMB to train someone who can already speak Swedish! I love my other daughters (Sister Lindsay and Sister Gardner that I have trained.) But it definitely makes it easier. Plus she can already speak practically perfect English, so it is a lot of fun! We speak both Swedish and English. Mostly Swedish for my sake, but at home we speak more English so that she can get more comfortable with it, and help it become more natural. It is really nice because I just correct her little mistakes, and she corrects mine. Why did I not have this before?? hahah it is great fun. But I do think she is exactly what I needed. It definitely feels fulfilling being able to teach her and help her. :) She is sooo good. Kind of funny. When I got her, she had been on her mission for two weeks. So 17 and 1/2 months to go. I had 17 and 1/2 months down, and only two weeks to go.

It has been great fun to see old friends here in Södertälje! ah, just love it! :) The Lord knows exactly what we need. It is a perfect way to end. Because I have to work my tail off to help Syster Eriksson learn! I absolutely love it :) The spirit is strong, and I know the gospel is true! 

Thank you for everything! I am excited to see you all in two weeks.. but I cannot even describe how much I will miss being a missionary. I love this work.

Love, Syster Bolton

Had Thanksgiving dinner with the other Elders and Sisters in the district.

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