Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 16 2015

Well this week was good! Monday brought on some souvenir shopping, so that was weird!! 
I pretty much am just going to sum up this week... we tracted everyday for hours on end and it was great! actually to be honest, Thursday was pretty rough, because we were standing and walking, and climbing stairs for 5 hours straight without being let in once, not one chance to sit any where because everything outside was all wet. BUT what is great is that we got a lot of potential investigators from it. So although nobody let us in once we got to teach them on the street or at their door. Lets just talk about diligence this week! haha we were exhausted, because we had pretty much only tracted all week! but then we got to get some return appts with the new investigators we found! Last week we dropped everyone because they weren't doing anything, this week, we were out finding. okay, but we are always doing both of those things. But we are really working hard at building up this area, because there isn't very much to do here, but we are out to find a handful of people who are prepared to hear the message! and I would say this week was pretty successful. I am absolutely exhausted, but I am so happy to be here doing the work! It feels so good!! 

Sister Austin driving me everywhere. haha They didn't renew my license so I am not allowed to drive.That is definitely one thing I am looking forward to again! 

Cute Rhiannon, she's 18 and was baptized this past summer. She is so strong and great! We love her :) 

 The Elders and us after district meeting. The sidewalks were covered with ice! Later our bus broke down in the middle of the freeway....literally just came to a complete stop in the right lane, but there are only 2 lanes, and nowhere he could pull off. The engine kind of just gave up. We aren't even sure. But we sat there for 45 minutes waiting for another bus to come and pick us up. haha oh the life.

The Elders in freezing cold at about 3pm. It is pitch black here about 2:30pm. 

One cool story...we walked out of a stair case that we had tracted, and we saw this guy that had walked by, and was walking away, and I was like thought, "oh we shoud talk with him, even though he is kind of out of our way." then I was like, wait he is about to get to the bus stop, and I'm sure its coming soon. Then I was like okay, no I just need to talk with him. So we ran after him, and as he was about to cross the road, I hollared, "excuse me, excuse me!" But he didn't hear me... so we followed him, and the bus pulled up, and we were like.. well I think we are taking a bus ride.. haha so we got on and talked with him, and he is LEGIT! We will be teaching him today. His name is George he is from Africa. Just cool to see how God does put prepared people in our path.

Stuff I've studied and learned more about this week would include the Holy Ghost, and patriarchal blessings. I am so grateful for the soft promptings that the Holy Ghost gives me, simple reminders of that which I know I should do, and then I do it. The talk from last gen conf, 'what lack I yet' does a really good job at explaining how I receive guidance from the spirit. Just simple thoughts that lead me to do better and be better. Also I have come to understand how personal my patriarchal blessing really is. I never really understood that, because one could say, it is more general. But I've come to understand that it truly is so directed from God to me, because of just which topics it talks about and highlights, while I am sure there are other people in there blessing it says nothing about. I would invite each of you to study your patriarchal blessing, see what the Lord has in store for you, and what he wants you to focus on in your life. If you don't have one, I would also encourage you to pray about it, and talk to your bishop about getting one. They are so wonderful. :)

Well, that's all I got for this week! I am loving Luleå and Sister Austin! We do work together! It is so great :) I am happy, and healthy. (mostly.. but like I only have so much time left to eat pepparkakor and other swedish goodis!! haha) I love you all and thank you for everything!!

have a great week and pray hard!

love, Cassie


  1. You checked if the lies you spread are true? "She got kicked out of her parents to be baptized..." This what they mean by lting for the absolute disgrace and i ain't gonna put up with it...

  2. in in callous misrepresentation

  3. I apologize. That was the first time I had met her, so I didn't actually know her whole story, so it was a misunderstanding on my fault, and I shouldn't have gone and put it on a public blog. I have since come to understand that she has contact with her family still, and you all still love each other, even if you do have different opinions. But I do think Rhiannon is wonderful, just as wonderful as I believe you know she is.

  4. no contact has ceased and desisted, partly as a result of such slamder, and her being called out on the same old methods being used to elicit sympathy/empathy. But hey alls good this is facilitate by emapthetic donors paying the rent why bother repair relations when lies can be peddled for rent money....btw thanks for responding.

    1. Edit appreciated ...hadn't noticed earlier.... but everyones makes mistakes and appreciate you correcting inaccuracies tbh...can't reasonably expect to believe all one hears...great you got to see Luleå as you describe great place... once again thanks for your consideration