Monday, November 23, 2015

Nov 23 2015

HALLÅ family and friends!

So, wow, I didn't think the whole coming home thing was coming close.. until everyone emailed me talking about it. haha thanks kids. :P But I am excited! But I feel super blessed to be here still.
So this week was great! Started off with another 5 hour train ride to Umeå! Woo! We had Specialized Zone Training, which was GREAT!!

I LOVED IT!! There was so much to be taken in, and it was just perfect. The main three topics were: Diligence- and being consistent in our pace, and working our hardest the whole race long.
Bearing Testimony and Joseph Smith- the power it has, and just really remembering what a testimony of Joseph Smith has done for you. For me, it has changed me life for the better. Because I know he was a true prophet of God, I know that this church is true and that in the temple the power of God is exercised to seal families together for eternity! There are so many blessings that have come to me because of this knowledge, and there is no denying. it is true!

Then after lunch we focused on the Christmas initiative for this new Christmas season! I am so excited to have such a push to end my mission on, and then be able to take it home and use it as a member missionary. It will be great! So on the 29th of November, a new video and website will be released by the church! Make sure you watch it, because it is going to be AWESOME! And then make sure you also share it with others so they can remember the true meaning of Christmas!! :)
specialized zone training was very fun, and everyone did a great job. President and Sister Beckstrand, and the assistants, Elder Sahlin and Elder Archibald. (he is in my group, and was trained with me up in Luleå. so we are good friends.) But the spirit was super strong, and I was just so happy! :) I love this gospel, and I love being a missionary!!
The other great part of our week...

We went on splits with the STL's and I got to be with Sister Kamauoha! It was a lot of fun :) love her. While we were on splits, we went and served one of my favorite members, Anna Newell! She is the best example ever. I love her! Her husband is the branch president, and he is from America, if you guys remember. They are a great family!


Then we also had the beautiful day of Jonny being baptized!! :) This was the best day ever. And he is so happy. I haven't talked very much about him, but that's just because I will have to tell you all at home. There is just too much to tell! :) But the spirit was SO strong, and it was seriously the best! Before the baptism, we started filling up the font, but the water was going SO SLOW. so with two hours before the baptism, we started the bucket filling and dumping . haha it was so funny, but it worked out perfect! :) Jonny is the STRONGEST convert ever. I am so excited to see what he has in store. 

Well Saturday night at about 10:05 pm, we got a call from president Beckstrand....

I am being TRANSFERRED! one more time! and hopefully the last time!! hahaha :) For the last two weeks of my mission.. I will be in Södertälje (my fourth area.) and I will be with Sister Eriksson. She is from Sweden, and is actually going on her mission to Montana, but she is waiting for her visa to the States. So she will be arriving from the England MTC and I will start her training in Södertälje! So we will have a four man in that apartment! I'm grateful it is a four man there and not a tripan here in Luleå. The Södertälje apartment has two bunkbeds, so it will be perfect! and it is only for two weeks! haha lets just say... that was a SHOCKER!!! But God has greater plans! I am excited to be pumped up with greenie fire, and work as hard as I can to help as many people as I can!! Plus to go say hello and goodbye one last time to all those who I love in Södertälje! I am probably the most spoiled missionary ever to be able to go back to two of my areas!! haha God is GREAT!

Oh it is FREEZING here by the way! Its probably a good thing that I will be moving down south so that it isn't as cold. negative eleven isn't really my thing, especially as a missionary. But it is all snowy, and that make me pretty happy! :) It makes it so it isn't so dark, so that is nice. :) 

Ah, it is super hard to say goodbye to all these lovely people, but I am grateful that I know I will either see them again during this life, or the next! We are beings of eternities! ;) haha

Although the news is fun, it was still hard to hear that I had to say goodbye the very next day to so many that I love. Three of the four Sundays that I have been here in Luleå, I have had the opportunity to bear my testimony, and share a couple thoughts! haha Oh, how I am going to miss all these WONDERFUL people. Luleå is the best, and I know that God knew that I needed to come back. Being here I have really seen how much God has changed me, and I have received a lot of peace. :) I love the Lord and His work. D&C 15:6 "And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father. Amen."


I hope you all have a great week, and a wonderful thanksgiving!! I want you all to know how eternally grateful I am for each of you!! I love you!! 

love, Syster Bolton

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